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Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

In the beginning was a word. And the word was competition. Each one vying for leadership and survival. The strongest, fastest and smartest in the wide… survive and thrive. All of nature and all of business is built on this premise of competition, survival of the fittest.

In marketing we see that there is a sea of businesses, all claiming to offer great service, pricing and quality. Usually there is a sameness that pervades these suppliers. There’s not one thing that stands out.

So we ask you to think about and create a difference, if you haven’t already decided what it is. What will you stand for and deliver on, consistently and better than others can or will do?

In the 20th century marketers called it a USP- Unique Selling Proposition. I recoined it in the nineties: an SCA- Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

If you haven’t already got yours, STOP whatever you’re doing and do it now.