Per4max Institute

The Challenge

Profit Builders Website Design faces these challenges:

  1. Overpromising profit improvements on one hand or, alternatively making claims that are unremarkable .
  2. Showing all the ways to build profit, when there are so many to cover.
  3. Showing the specialised experience of each consultant, without limiting the industry or scope of engagement that’s on offer.
  4. Offering a simple way to engage, that’s low risk, low cost, yet still attracts the right kind of qualified business owners.
  5. Encouraging engagement and enquiry without being ‘too salesy’.


Our Solution

Per4max Institute is a small colab business started by 3 consultants with specialised skills. Together they create profit improvements for SME’s in any industry.


  • Services Gallery
  • Consultants Profiling
  • Per4max 360 Questionaire

Per4max Institute


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