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Panoramic Homes

Panoramic Homes

Panoramic Homes


Builders Website

The Challenge

Builders Website Design faces these challenges:

  1. Showing the home building styles they work with, without being type cast, or pigeon holed into a “category” of builders based on those examples.
  2. Alluding to benefits and differences in the building service or process, when often there are none.
  3. Developing a voice and a personality for the building firm, something new clients can feel good about.
  4. Encouraging engagement and enquiry, with a free whitepaper or helpful resource.


Our Solution

This basic website design for Panoramic Homes shows a few examples of their work, shows some advantages of dealing with them, but is general enough to allow the firm to attract different enquiry types and evolve as a small firm needs to, over time. A good starter site.


  • Gallery of Plan/Facade Types