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Bodiez Fitness

Bodiez Fitness

Bodiez Fitness


Gym Website

Visible Value Icons

These benefit icons announce at a glance compelling reasons to choose Bodiez Fitness over the other gyms out there.

Supplements Store

Full E-commerce store of supplements for members to purchase at wholesale rates

Club Finder

Just type in your postcode and be directed to a map with the closest gym locations.

The Challenge

Fitness Website Design faces these challenges:

  1. Being sufficiently different in a marketplace full of fitness providers
  2. Announcing unique strengths, benefits and differences in succinct ways.
  3. Offering a free trial or other incentive, that works to convert visitors into members.

Our Solution

Bodies 24/7 Fitness is a franchise that utilises the latest high tech equipment that effectively becomes your virtual coach, measuring your performance and improvement. Bodiez is a low cost gym, with maximum security features for anytime use.


  • Visible Value Icons
  • Supplements Store
  • Club Finder