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22 Reasons to Update Your Website

Planning to update your website?

Nuvo Creative can help!

The expert team at Nuvo Creative is committed to offering world-class solutions in graphic designing, branding, marketing, and internet. With more than 27 years’ experience in the industry, we aim to help hundreds of organisations and companies in empowering brands through marketing and efficient designing services.

If you have an online business and struggling to build your brand or market your products and services, you simply need to get in touch with us. Being one of the leading companies in the niche, Nuvo Creative has solid plans and strategies to help businesses succeed and stay ahead in the competition.

Entrepreneurs looking forward to promoting their website benefit in several ways when Nuvo Creative undertakes the job.

So, here is what the company aims to achieve for a business which trusts them:

Update your Website with Nuvo Creative.com.au – and we can give you at least 22 reasons for it:


  1. 3 Years or More Since you Last Updated

It is quite challenging to say how often you should update your website. There is no rule of thumb that you need to update your website every 5 years or even every 6 months. However, it is necessary to maintain and update your website whenever there is a need. You simply cannot sit back and relax believing all is well and let things remain as it is until something happens.

When was the last time you have updated your website content? Or its design or checked its loading speed?

Experts believe it is always worth updating a website once every year. However, in many industries, this can be six months and 2 years as well. It is dependent on various factors.

If you cannot recall when you last updated your website, its time to get in touch with specialists. You need a website updating.

  1. Your Website is Not Responsive Yet?

We are now living in a smartphone society. Have you ever thought about how many hours you are spending on your phone daily? It will be at least twice more than the time you are working on your PC or laptop.

Ignoring the mobile market is now extremely risky and Google has shown its preference for it as well. It is now a common practice to ensure that a website is mobile-friendly, or it has a responsive design. If any website is not yet mobile-friendly, it is losing out a huge chunk of customers.

Responsive web designing refers to several techniques which help a website to adapt and flex to the screen size. If someone opens your website from a smartphone, it should be visible exactly in the same way and form, as a person opening it from a desktop or laptop gets to see it.

It is extremely critical to update your website and make it mobile friendly immediately if you have not done it till now. Otherwise, you are driving away your potential customers and mobile users. Why would you let that happen?

  1. You are Not Getting the Right Clients

This is one of the many reasons why your website needs an update. There are several businesses which receive enquiries but not the right ones. Inquiries keep coming but not from the right people. One major reason for this is that maybe you are not able to position yourself correctly in the competitive scenario.

Updating your website will bring in certain changes which help your website. You might have to change certain images, add in some testimonials, or update your homepage. Your content needs to be consistent and explain your business perspectives well.

  1. Update your Website to Meet the Requirements of Your Clients

Clients preferences change every day. When any visitor comes to your website, he/she looks for something different – do you have anything unique on your website? Are you sure your website will meet the requirements of your clients?

Well- this can be one of the compelling reasons to update your website. That is – to meet the changing requirements of clients and to match their expectations. We all know that the preferences of web visitors have changed dramatically over the years.

So, what do visitors look for in any website today?

These were some of the most important reasons to update your website. There are plenty more.

  1. Update to Be Competitive

Remember, most of your competitors have an established web presence. Even if they do not have, they are working towards it and working on multiple platforms to build their brand, especially social platforms.

In such a situation, you must incessantly update and maintain your website to stay competitive. Remember, whenever you are not thinking about it, your competitor is moving ahead. In the meantime, your website is slowly getting old and you are slowly losing out your potential customers who are looking for updated and modern websites.

Can you afford such a loss?

None can! The reality is that today customers have plenty of choices and they are flooded with options. Therefore, they are impatient and ready to click away if their expectations are not met. There is always an alternative, welcoming with all might. All this means, if you have an outdated website, you are going to lose a lot of revenue. Your digital presence is going to suffer a loss.

Now, how much will a website cost?

No, a website doesn’t mean you have to break your bank. Nuvo Creative takes care of that too and provides websites at affordable rates for clients.

  1. You Have an Outdated Website Design and needs an overall change – Get Starter Websites from $2,990.

Nuvo Creative offers affordable web designs for businesses in Brisbane.

Those companies who are on a strict budget and do not wish to spend money on web designing or branding can benefit from our starter website package. We believe in the immense value of brand and simplicity, speedy services, caring for customers, ensuring that customer needs are fulfilled – all within your budget. Thus, Nuvo Creative offers starter websites at affordable prices from $2,990.

Update your website with 3 affordable packages – businesses can decide which designing package is best and Nuvo Creative will do the rest. All that needs to be done is contact the company through email or phone.

  1. Your Website is Not High Performing

If you get your website designed by the company, you are assured of getting a high-performance website.

How will this help?

Well – many entrepreneurs are still not aware that a high-performance website can help a business to profit. If you do not have a high-performance website right now, there is a scope to update it. Websites designed by Nuvo Creative are based on a specific architecture for growth.

Websites designed by us are built with all the functionalities which a visitor expects from a company. Such websites are a class apart, delivering top-quality user-experience and great interactivity. The benefit is that your prospects are encouraged to purchase.

With a high-performance website, businesses can easily set them apart from all other similar websites which are struggling to create a space for themselves. Superior quality websites are created to appeal to the various audience and approach them in personalized ways, through effective communication.

  1. Get an Internet Site – Entry Level (Do not Miss the Special Offer)

Nuvo Creative can create an interactive home page for your business along with sub-pages. The site with its interactive design will offer comprehensive information related to your business & the products you offer.

Features your updated website will have:

Update your website and enjoy the SPECIAL OFFER – Get 6 Months hosting Free

  1. Get an Advanced Internet Site

For clients who need client interactivity, this Advanced internet site is the perfect solution. Besides providing the necessary information about your products, services and business, this site developed by Nuvo Creative will have client interactivity function. Besides other features, extra features that your website will have include:

Update your website and enjoy the SPECIAL OFFER – Get 6 Months hosting Free

  1. Get a Superior Internet Site with all Advanced Features

If you have a huge client base, high traffic, and a great performing website, Nuvo Creative can update your website with special advanced features for optimum performance. It will include all the features of the previous two options and offer several advanced features.

This website will have everything that will help in creating sales. It will not just inform the visitors, but delight them, answer all their queries and prompt them to take an action. This is the website which will be the face of your company.

Some of the best features will be:

  1. You Need a Top-Quality Logo for your Business

There are hundreds of websites trying to build their brand in this tough competitive scenario but they do not have a good logo.

Do you know that logos play a significant role in your branding?

A professionally designed logo helps in capturing the essence of your business and the spirit of your company. Logos help in assigning values and personality to a business name. Over the years, as your business can make a name for itself, your logo will become an integral part of the business.

Nuvo Creative designs logos that will define and express your business objectives. It is not just a symbol or face for your business, but it will bring recognition and value to your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Just let us know your requirements and we will get back to you.

  1. Your Website Needs Enhanced Security Features

Stories about website hacking are nothing new. Have you ever wondered if your website is secure enough?

Are you sure, it will never be hacked?

You might believe that no one will hack your website, but the truth is, you never know! Why would you take the risk and leave your site open for hackers?

If you are not sure about the security features of your website, Nuvo Creative can help. Before it is too late and before some sneaky hacker manages to blacklist your website, do your bit to enhance the security of your website.

To ensure your website is secure, you need to ensure that the software of your website is updated. You might be using Drupal, Joomla WordPress, or any other CMS, you have to ensure that the software and programs are updated. The hosting account also needs consideration. Update your website and improve your security features like never.

  1. Lack of Valuable, Engaging or Useful Content

Whenever any visitor comes to a website, the first impression is usually controlled by the overall design, look, and feel. But, once the website has grasped all the attention, the visitor looks for information. Great content which answers the user’s query is always appealing.

It is not about how long your content is – remember 2000 words or 2500 words does not help if the reader doesn’t derive any value from it. Whatever content your website should have, needs to be optimised for SEO, it should be interesting, provide the information which the user seeks or about the services or products you are offering. No filler sentences, no fluff and no vague information.

When Nuvo Creative updates or redesigns a website, it is a great opportunity to fine-tune the content. The copy your website has needs to be on target, it should be effective and simple.

Remember, the attention span of any visitor is just 2-4 seconds. It is necessary to engage the visitors in just a few seconds. No, it is not just about attracting them with graphics and colours, but you must use good quality, useful content with the right keywords which will grab the interest of the visitors.

  1. Update it for Multimedia Requirements

It’s quite challenging to understand what a customer requires or desires from a website. At times, infographics, audio messages and even videos can help in getting the message across.

Online browsers are often said to be lazy. Instead of reading long content with abundant information, they would happily watch a video or simply check out a brief infographic. Reading is often time-consuming, and people might not have so much time in hand always.

Besides, when there is a video, it provides them with a chance to get a clearer vision of everything. It is more like walking into a store or a room or space physically. It helps in building a better connection.

An audio message is also quite popular as people love to hear podcasts. People tend to consume information or message in various ways. Remember, the more information you choose to provide, the more customer base you will be able to build. Also, users need to be aware that in the present times, podcast listening is now quite popular on mobile devices.

It is known that prospective customers tend to stay a lot longer on the homepage – so, why not have them stay longer?

  1. Your Website is Not SEO Compliant

Your website might have a great design, you have engaging content and great graphics, but that is not all. People need to find your website when they look for you. This is possible only when you update your SEO settings.

Suppose you have an SEO compliant website, when did you update it last? Remember SEO rules change daily, and you must keep updating your website regularly. Isn’t that a good reason to update your website?

Google keeps updating its algorithms. Whenever a search engine makes its update, each website gets affected in a way. If you choose to wait before you make changes, you might fall behind, and things might not be as per your requirements.

Thus, if you are updating the appearance of your website or the content, you should ideally have the SEO settings updated as well.

The company you select might undertake a few steps which include a reassessment of the newly updated content. When Nuvo Creative redesigns a website, the expert designers ensure that the SEO facts are adhered to when rebuilding the site.

  1. Update your Site to Improve the Site Usability

As technology changes, visitor trends change as well and at times at a faster pace. For instance, a few years back it was a trend that the most important information about the website shall be ‘above the fold’.

What does this mean?

It meant that all vital features or information would be shown to the visitor as he or she comes to the website. Thus, as a visitor came to a website, he would be able to see some important information without having to scroll down or even search.

However, trends are changing now. These days a majority of users are from mobile devices who do not mind scrolling. So, this is where you might have to bring the change.

Navigation – This is one critical usability feature which has undergone a lot of changes in recent times. Websites need to adjust accordingly to ensure smooth usability of the users. You must have noticed horizontal navigation which works well in case of large screens.

When this viewed on small devices such as smartphones and tablets, the user needs to adjust. Today, modern websites use ‘hamburger menu’. This is a small icon which includes 3 horizontal lines. In the present times, this symbol is recognised all over as the button which will open the menu for the user.

When it is about the smaller devices, the menu is generally displayed as a vertical menu. There is comfortable space between the menu items which helps in accommodating finger tapping.

  1. Update Your Website and Improve Your Credibility

Building online credibility does not happen in a day. It takes time and lots of effort. Efforts include your ability to win over the confidence of your customers through top-quality products and services, through efficient customer service team and consistent efforts to improve the quality of your services.

Besides, your website plays a major role in enhancing the credibility of your business. When it is an online store, customers do not prefer outdated information, incomplete information, blurry image, a slow site, or difficult navigation. Today, customers are digital savvy and in no time, they will move away to another site.

So, how to improve site credibility?

Several things can be done to improve your website credibility. Think about what customers do before they buy or choose any product or service? They look for reviews and recommendations from other users. They desire to know what other customers have to say about using the website.

So, Nuvo Creative ensures that customer testimonials and recommendations are included on the website.

  1. Update your Website with Improved Branding Services

Nuvo Creative offers several branding services for clients which helps in their branding efforts. Graphic design services are one of the most in-demand services of the company. No matter what your requirement is, we can do it for your business.

Do you need brochures, stationery, presentation folders, greeting cards, business cards or anything else which will promote your brand?

As a part of their credibility building services, we also offer services like designing & copyrighting on corporate brochures which helps in building the credibility of the business.

  1. Update for Better Integration

For most businesses, an integrated website is essential for the required service level. Visitors, as they come to a website, expect several things on a website. These are a contact form, a support form, a blog, shopping functionalities and a lot more. They look forward to one single login and easy access to timely and accurate information.

Integrating a website to different systems like tracking, back-office order fulfilments and effective CRM systems is quite helpful. It helps in reducing complexity and time-consuming tasks.

Remember, a refreshed website is always welcome as it saves the admin time and also improves customer service.

  1. Update to Measure the Effectiveness of your Website

An old website has many problems – several of which are discussed above. It is not equipped with all the tools required for measuring the effectiveness of online presence. It might not be updated with user-recordings, conversion tracking and heat mappings. In the present times, these are essential tools which help in measuring what works for your website and what does not work for your website. All these tools work well in an updated website.

  1. Nuvo Creative Offers Fast Turnaround

With so many amazing reasons to get your website updated, are you worried about the time it will take?

Will your business stop during this period?

No – that is not going to happen! You can continue your daily schedule as our team works on your website, as they do their best in bringing changes and improvements in your website.

The best part is that if you have time constraints and do not have any time to spare for website up-gradation and more, Nuvo Creative is your right choice. Why?

Because we are fast and will not delay you unnecessarily.

The services are designed in a way so that they are systematically performed and completed within three weeks from the date of start. The company encourages clients to provide them with feedback or suggestions.

  1. Satisfaction is Assured

When we work on your website, satisfaction is guaranteed!!

Our team will not just work on your website, but they will also assure that the changes bring results. When you are paying for updating your website, you can believe that you will see the results soon enough.

Always remember that your website will promote your business round the clock. You or none of your employees can do that!