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Do you need to rebrand?

If you’re not growing, consider the rebranding route to invigorate your image and appeal in the marketplace. A fresh new brand and trademark can be just the ticket to a more magnetic business, and improved profit.

Rebranding is the perfect opportunity to overcome:

  1. Perceived limitations in your range of services or geographic location (like suburb in business name)
  2. Personal ownership, if you’re trying to sell the business later (surname as part of business name)
  3. Negative press or downward trends in demand for your services
  4. Tired old brands that have outlived their usefulness
  5. Possible trademark conflicts or legal challenges to your old name

Rebranding has some very positive possibilities:

  1. Potentially owning a keyword or benefit that customers seek out
  2. Announcing to the world some innovations or new services you offer
  3. Claiming a fresh way to deliver your services or products- that positions you as a game-changer.
  4. Positioning you as a good business to work for, attracting and retaining better quality staff.
  5. To reflect the technology advances your products or services have undergone
  1. Gain a competitive advantage
    The strength memorability and creativity of a new brand potentially catapult your business to the forefront of your industry. How? By:

    1. Suggesting positive brand associations
    2. Communicating a modern fresh brand language
    3. By creating or implying differentiation that puts you ahead of the competition
  2. Stimulate sales and growth
    Rebranding can improve your impact in a crowded market. It’s the perfect opportunity to win over new customers, and delight them with some service innovations. Rebranding usually results in long term market expansion.
  1. Create a culture of  innovation
    Your brand is the public face of your business. So if it fails to reflect the level of innovation your business or industry has achieved, your customers may assume that you have fallen behind the times. Worse still, employees and management look to these subtle clues when deciding who is a better company to work for.

Rebranding and a modern communication/marketing platform is essential to the retention of key staff. These simple measures will lay a groundwork for an innovation culture, where staff and management see the continuous improvement of the business as part of their role.

Considering a rebrand, but have some concerns?

If you’d like an obligation free brand assessment, with a view to rebranding, call Russel Nouveau 0414 301 717