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6 Important Elements of the Best Website Design

The best website design is not all about stunning visual beauty, but it is also about ensuring that the design serves its business purpose—that is, to reach the most number of customers efficiently and with the least amount of maintenance and effort. With its years of experience in helping business owners find the right mix of form and function with their websites, Nuvo Creative is in a pivotal position to know the benefits you derive from excellent website design. The following points are the most important.

  1. Unparalleled search engine visibility: the entire point of getting the best website design is to be on deeply “friendly” terms with search engines. That’s why looks are as important only as the function they serve—there’s no point in making a pretty website that would not be seen by Google or Bing. If search engines could barely see you, you’re not making any money. Many business owners who are still hesitating in dipping their whole arm into this whole e-commerce thing may not immediately realize it, but the benefits of a professionally crafted and executed website design far outweigh the cost of their implementation, especially in the long run. When done right, a website’s design can have a huge impact on search engine rankings and visibility. How is this done? For starters, professional web designers, such as Nuvo Creative, are experts in tweaking what’s under the hood of your site: the code mark-up. What you don’t see are often the most important. Ensuring that the code mark-up is clean and easy to read means search engine spiders will have an easy time crawling your pages. What’s more, if your website’s design is truly outstanding, many design blogs and websites may feature it as a demonstration of an awesome design, and the resulting backlinks can further boost up your search engine visibility.
  2. Strategically positions you for profit: Of course, the bottom line of having the best website design is increasing profit. Your website is not only your online business card, it is also your customer service or 24/7 sales point that serves your customers even while you’re asleep. When meticulously designed to capture your target market and reach your sales goals, a well-designed website may end up being something like a cash cow: it pays for itself, and also helps your company rake in previously unimagined profits. It is no secret that the internet has become an increasingly important place for business—despite being in a slump during the first five years of its life, Amazon now rakes in billions in sales revenues from selling all sorts of stuff to the average consumer. And that’s only one obvious example—right now, there are literally millions of businesses profiting from their website.
  3. Minimal maintenance time: despite a web designer’s best efforts, websites may occasionally need repair, upgrade or undergo certain improvements. If your website was poorly designed, maintenance time could easily go beyond the manageable limit—imagine if you had to go back to square one each time you upgrade a sales component, or manage how your site handles images and videos, or how it stores its database. If poorly designed at the get-go, the troubles with such websites can grow enormous and time-consuming. On the other hand, the best website design—professionally planned, executed and implemented by experts such as those you’ll find at Nuvo Creative—is one that makes maintenance not only a breeze to do, but takes as minimal time as possible. Sometimes, site-wide upgrades will take only a single click. The most significant benefit of minimal maintenance time is it allows you to focus on things that matter more: your website’s incoming traffic, sales data, and other strategic marketing concerns.
  4. Better efficiency and cross-browser compatibility: if you’re looking for professional website designers, watch out for tell-tale signs of actual expertise. If your so-called designer, for example, is only well-versed with designing for Internet Explorer, and has spotty knowledge about other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari, then take a step back and looking elsewhere. As we’ve mentioned, the best website design is not all about being pretty, but also about usefulness and functionality. If all your life you’ve only used Internet Explorer, and you feel like majority of people around the world think in the same terms as you do, then you’ll have to think again. It takes only a quick look at your website’s visitor analytics data to see the actual percentages of people using which browser to view your site—the number of visitors viewing your site on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet is even increasing. That’s why one cannot dismiss the gravity of ensuring cross-browser compatibility. Professional web designers, such as those you’ll find at Nuvo Creative, will know every aspect of a site’s design—how a particular logo, for example, will look on one browser and what they will do to make sure that the logo will display the same on another browser. Cross-browser compatibility is extremely important if you want to reach all possible visitors, and it is one issue that a good, competent designer will be able to manage in a flourish.
  5. Highlights your expertise at a single glance: Website visitors can be a fickle-minded bunch: it takes them a mere one-second glance at your website to decide whether they should leave or stay to explore and find out more about you and your services. That’s why website designers craft their sites with that issue sitting on their shoulders: they must make a high-impact, highly “sticky” site that will compel visitors to stay. And if you only have a few seconds of window time to showcase what you’ve got, you must be able to strongly demonstrate your best aspects. If you’re a seller of hardwood furniture, your website’s design should highlight your best work. If you’re a fitness center, your site’s design must effectively show visitors the end result of your fitness regime—in a high-impact way. A quick look at some of Nuvo Creative’s past clients will show you how the creative team accomplished this and helped some of Brisbane’s businesses flourish.
  6. Exceptional design leads to ever-increasing sales: with everything in their right places, there is less effort that must be spent on actual selling. This is because the ultimate benefit of having the best website design is how it transforms your online presence into a dynamic, interactive sales machine that does business twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This works on many levels. One, the visual beauty of your site attracts visitors on its own. A killer design is a pleasure to behold—and one that could spark word of mouth all over the web. Secondly, exceptional design lends your business a previously untapped level of credibility and image: the image of efficiency and excellence your site projects trickles to your brand’s image. Thirdly, all these work to encourage visitors to do business with you—it will be easier for them to buy your products or hire your services or, at the very least, know more about you. Repeat this cycle every single day that you’re website’s online, and you’ll understand why they say a great website pays for itself many times over.


When you’re ready to update your website we’ll establish the performance metrics of your existing website (A) and compare the results with the replacement site (B). Some clients continue this experiment (called A /B Testing) with various landing page offers, to see which performs best in attracting a new customer. To learn more call Russel Nouveau 0414 301 717.