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Getting to No 1 in Google

It’s a long an complex process… but worth it I assure you. To get to number 1 in google rankings for your main key words is like ascending Mt Everest. You need to prepare, walk a long road and be constantly vigilant and prepared for the unexpected.

We have recently achieved this milestone. No not climbing Mt Everest- but getting to no 1 for our main search terms. I have to say it feels pretty good!

Google does change its algorithm quite often. But it’s fair to say that Google wants to deliver the most relevant and up to date information possible. We intuit that Google is looking for content that changes on a regular basis. Google wants to see social media activity corresponding to the website, and of course the number of incoming links needs to grow over time.

Increasingly there are other factors too such as author credibility, branding of page content, and renewal of outdated pages. If you want to come on a journey called” Ascending to No. 1 position in Google” we’d love to help you get there. Call Russel Nouveau today for our VISEO search engine optimisation services- 0414 301 717.