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The Invisible Funnel

Touted as the best selling system on the planet at this time, Russell Brunson’s Invisible Funnel is delivering amazing results.

Russell Brunson has a hugely successful online sales empire selling everything from online supplements to speed reading. His secret- the invisible funnel is a method of using self liquidating webinars to fuel conversions to a major sale for prequalified audiences.

Find a Magic Bullet

Step 1 Find a niche where a 2 or 3 hour webinar can produce real measurable benefit and result in people’s lives. Be it speed reading, SEO or better parenting.

Build a Great Webinar

Step 2 Find an expert to deliver the content. You may be the person, or perhaps there’s an expert you can JV with on a 50/50 basis. Prepare the webinar, and ensure it is a content rich really valuable webinar. The best content out there for your niche subject.

(Oh and make sure there’s another bigger course or training or set of DVD’s to upsell to. For example a $2,970 positive parenting course over 6 weeks.)

Develop a Test List

Step 3 Buy or develop a list of 1,000 qualified prospects for your webinar. Try safe-swaps.com and pay perhaps 50cents a subscriber.

Send Initial Mailing, with guarantee of satisfaction

Step 4 Send the email campaign to this list. Sell your webinar on the basis of the $97 cost is to be paid AFTER the webinar… in other words… give your credit card details to book the webinar, but we won’t charge till after the webinar, with one click you can decide if it’s great value information or not.

Run the first Webinar

Step 5 Run a fabulous webinar with GO to Webinar. For paying subscribers we offer a significant upsell at the end of the webinar.

Crunch the numbers

Step 6 Results are in for the 1,000 prospect list

1 in 10 agree to view the webinar on a pay if pleased basis 100
70% actually pay $97 70
1 in 10 who pay go for the upsell at $2,970 7

Self Liquidating Webinar

1,000 qualified prospects, results in 100 people viewing a webinar, with 70 of those paying $97. That’s a budget of say $7,000 for 1,000 qualified prospects (a healthy and workable figure)

Remember what we want to achieve is just a break even on the first webinar, because we’re really after the upsell- sales at $2,970

A formula to buy sales

Of the 70 people paying for the first webinar, 7 of these may purchase the upsell at $2,970

That’s a sales result approaching $21,000.

Step 7 Roll out the campaign based on the test assumptions, and monitor the results. Good luck.

If you’d like a hand with your own marketing roll out plan, contact Russel Nouveau on 0414 301 717