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For established & start-up business
Trademarks Brisbane

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Your Trademarks - Name, Logo and Slogan are the single most important influence on how customers perceive you and your services.

Does your business have a suitable name for the services and benefits you deliver to customers?

Does your name and slogan suggest important differences you deliver over your competitors?

Does your name limit customer expectations of you, geographically, or scope wise?

Does your logo, and slogan instantly communicate your industry and what’s in it for the customer?

Is your name sufficiently distinctive to be protected as a trademark for your type of business?

If your business was sold does the business name, logo and brand, contribute significantly to the value of the business?

Trademark Development

Investment $6,950 + gst

Starting with an ethos, based on values analysis we create name options, slogan options, graphic logos and check for trademark availability. We then refine options & register a trademark for you.

Ethos, mission & values $280
Naming $1,950
Logo/s $1,500
Slogan & tagline/s $650
Brand Language, patterns & devices $400
Trademark per class $920
Stationery Pack- 10 items designed $1,250
Optional Extra:
Style Guide: $2,500
Nuvo Creative

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Nuvo Creative

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