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Russel's Rant on all things business. How to do better in your small business, from the perspective of a career marketer, brand architect and website innovator.

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Speed Date Your Way to Success

Do you feel disappointed every time you look at your website? It’s high time someone tweaked it. What you may not know is that even the words you use on your site are essential. So, the question is:


Are you seducing your prospects with words that will consummate the sale or boring them to death?

These days, business differentiation and brand appeal have been reduced to speed dating – orchestrated by a Google search.


Try typing the name of your service or product on Google. What do you get?

1)       Limited words that show how your business is better than the competition.

2)       A page full of links, where just the first 5 websites stand an 80% chance of winning the business.

3)       A speed date with all the other contenders, and a small opportunity to get your message across to prospects.


The words that appear on search engine results pages determine whether a user will connect with your brand and click through to your website.

Believe it or not, you only have 7 seconds to make an impression. Within that time, a user will have made up their mind to delve deeper into your website or move onto the next one in the search results.

In almost every scenario, a couple of businesses dominate the market. Their websites are so effective at winning the hearts and minds of prospects, it’s a wonder the others are still in business at all!

While search results vary significantly, one thing is for sure: they are always fascinating. As a business owner, there is a lot you must do to improve your reach. Unfortunately, most business owners are just interested in:

·         Improving search engine rankings

·         Increasing click-through rate

·         Reducing cost per click


Website conversion rates vary tremendously based on the following factors:


·         Circumstances of visitor (the prospect)

·         Specific offer or attractiveness of the appeal

·         Price sensitivity

·         Position of the prospect in their buying cycle

·         Proximity of your business to the prospect

·         Guarantees (if any)

·         Social proof and testimonials


Takeaway Message: Making Your Website More Appealing To Visitors

While generating more traffic to your website is important, it’s more important to have a site that makes visitors stay. Some things you can do to make your website more appealing include:

·         Focus on market segments with specific offers that win prospects over.

·         Have values and use language that appeals to them.

·         Deliver emotional customer engagement for better conversion.

While this is easier said than done, we have come a long way in 20 years.

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the internet. If you’re interested in seeing the internet’s very first webpage, visit


The art of presenting business on a dynamic page is now 20 years old. But, we’re stuck in a search paradigm based on keyword count, social signals and other easily manipulated metrics.

Who knows? Perhaps in the next 20 years Google will learn how to rank businesses based on the value they deliver in the marketplace, rather than the SEO trickery most webmasters (including us) get up to these days.

Want a fresh perspective on your website? Call us for a Free Marketing Appraisal Session.



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Buying Customers

Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy and Mal Emery have all convinced me and sold me on this subject. It really is worth buying customers, after you do the math. (In direct marketing we call it the "Allowable") Calculate life time value of a customer- and decide if you’d spend 10%, 20% or even 30% of that value to attract a new client.

There's a lot of hype out there about buying customers. But in a sense we’re all doing it in one way or another. Take the humble lawn mowing service buying a competitor’s lawn mower round, to people actually investing thousands of  dollars each week in advertising. Most businesses attempt to buy customers in various ways.

I want to consider a fresh new way.

Consider giving away a product or service - something that is really quite valuable to the right audience, a qualified audience and audience that’s going to come back to you for more and more services.

Do this first

First  work out the lifetime value of the customer to you. Do this by looking at the average client, and asking:

  1. How long do they stay with you?
  2.  How much they spend over those years?
  3. Looking at your GP, work out what the net net profit from an individual client would be

For example. In my business a typical client will spend $15,000 over 3 years, making me $10,000. So would I spend $500 to make $10,000? Absolutely

Would I spend $2,000 to make $10,000… Yes.

Of course it depends on your business cash flow and lots of other factors. I'm going to go in low and say if you budget 10% of what your new clients are worth to you, that could equate to giving away a small product or service in order to attract them.


As Mal Emery would say: Give up part of a profit you would never have had, in order to gain that profit.

Don’t take any short cuts. Don't give away a crap product to start your relationship with a new customer. It must be high quality and representative of what they can expect from you.

Really deliver on the first service -excellent service, timing and product quality.

I know my dentist really struggled with this idea because he'd been working all these years with the notion of $50 as an allowable amount to attract a customer. I think yellow pages convinced him of this number, in order to justify display advertising. Graham has now calculated the lifetime value of his customers and was surprised. It’s actually $2,700. That's right, each new dental patient is worth $2,700 to the dentist based on how long they stay and what they spend on average. So $50 is on the low side. He can now see that gifting the initial exam and x-rays, maybe a huge $270 value to give away, but may create many new customers who stay with him long term.


If you’d like a hand with your own marketing roll out plan, contact Russel Nouveau on 0414 301 717

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The Invisible Funnel

Touted as the best selling system on the planet at this time, Russell Brunson's Invisible Funnel is delivering amazing results.

Russell Brunson has a hugely successful online sales empire selling everything from online supplements to speed reading. His secret- the invisible funnel is a method of using self liquidating webinars to fuel conversions to a major sale for prequalified audiences.

Find a Magic Bullet

Step 1 Find a niche where a 2 or 3 hour webinar can produce real measurable benefit and result in people’s lives. Be it speed reading, SEO or better parenting.

Build a Great Webinar

Step 2 Find an expert to deliver the content. You may be the person, or perhaps there’s an expert you can JV with on a 50/50 basis. Prepare the webinar, and ensure it is a content rich really valuable webinar. The best content out there for your niche subject.

(Oh and make sure there’s another bigger course or training or set of DVD’s to upsell to. For example a $2,970 positive parenting course over 6 weeks.)

Develop a Test List

Step 3 Buy or develop a list of 1,000 qualified prospects for your webinar. Try and pay perhaps 50cents a subscriber.

Send Initial Mailing, with guarantee of satisfaction

Step 4 Send the email campaign to this list. Sell your webinar on the basis of the $97 cost is to be paid AFTER the webinar… in other words… give your credit card details to book the webinar, but we won’t charge till after the webinar, with one click you can decide if it’s great value information or not.

Run the first Webinar

Step 5 Run a fabulous webinar with GO to Webinar. For paying subscribers we offer a significant upsell at the end of the webinar.

Crunch the numbers

Step 6 Results are in for the 1,000 prospect list

1 in 10 agree to view the webinar on a pay if pleased basis 100
70% actually pay $97 70
1 in 10 who pay go for the upsell at $2,970 7

Self Liquidating Webinar

1,000 qualified prospects, results in 100 people viewing a webinar, with 70 of those paying $97. That’s a budget of say $7,000 for 1,000 qualified prospects (a healthy and workable figure)

Remember what we want to achieve is just a break even on the first webinar, because we’re really after the upsell- sales at $2,970

A formula to buy sales

Of the 70 people paying for the first webinar, 7 of these may purchase the upsell at $2,970

That’s a sales result approaching $21,000.

Step 7 Roll out the campaign based on the test assumptions, and monitor the results. Good luck.

If you’d like a hand with your own marketing roll out plan, contact Russel Nouveau on 0414 301 717

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