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SEO Company Brisbane

SEO Services for Businesses in Brisbane, Australia

Step 1. We start with a review of your business and your requirements

Are there customers you'd be better off reaching, perhaps a niche market that aren't finding you at present? What searches are they performing? Is it as simple as their suburb and your main service? I pays to be a little divergent in your thinking here... as there are niches not addressed that are going unutilised.

Step 2. Keyword Research

Okay it's getting more and more competitive with major keywords. So variants on locations/services/categories are all important. We'll look at the competition, both immediate and interstate to learn from other markets.

Step 3. Writing Content

We want to find you a niche you can be dominant in. We want to shape your content for this niche, and focus till we get success. We author original content for use in promoting your website, and check for originality as part of our quality process. Google is looking for new content asd a sign of a noteworthy website for visitors.

Step 4. Website Optimisation

Obviously the shaping of your appeal and offers affects onsite website content, so we'll be changing this as well as doing off site work. We need website access to change navigation, image names, internal links, tags, content, links and of course adding new content.

Step 5. SEO submission

We look after all available submissions and all the options for updates possible.

Step 6. Link Building

Number of links power google's algorithm, but also the authority of the link. So more is not always better. Link juice is the number one cornerstone for SEO success.

Step 7. Reporting

We offer 24/7 dashboard reporting... and follow up with emailed monthly reports.

Step 8. Website Analytics

Google is offering better tools all the time for the analysis of visitor sources and keywords.

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