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Theres a wrecking ball headed your way

There's a wrecking ball headed your way.


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The online marketing imperative

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Marketing is what separates the highest earners from the lowest in any industry or niche you can find.

Why Internet Marketing Needs to Be Your Number One Priority

Marketing is KING. Today 90% or more of a business is its marketing. Why do I say that? Because your business and your very survival in business is under constant threat. Competition is increasing. Traditional retail is under threat from online sites like Amazon. Traditional consultants and even accountants are under threat from online consultants and offshore providers. Local manufacturing is practically uneconomic due to the increasing speed and sophistication of Asian alternatives.
Hire the best online marketing Brisbane experts to increase your online visibility, organic traffic , sales and conversions.  Experts at Nuvo Creative make the difference in work approach and branding to any business. 

There’s a Wrecking Ball headed your way… thanks Miley.

If the first 25 years of the internet have taught us anything- it’s to expect business disruption. Good bye ‘business as usual’. We have witnessed the demise of several industries in these recent years. So plan ahead and develop your strategy for survival.

Almost half the business owners reading this will have the financial basis of their business threatened in the near future. Increased competition and overseas players are going to wreck havock in most business categories. So get ready for disruption to business as usual. It’s inevitable. Arm yourself with the tools to create and defend a profitable niche, before it’s too late.

Being Attractive

The only thing differentiating you from these online competitors is Marketing. What’s your compelling story and 29 reasons to deal with you? Why should buyers trust you ahead of the rest. What compelling offers and guarantees can you create that will make or break your business in the months and years ahead.

Being Found

Let’s pretend clients can find you on line… to start with. Google has such a monopolistic grip on the fortunes of most business owners. You see they can make or break a business with their page ranking algorithm. This has and does change every month. For many businesses, the last year has seen their Google search results roller coaster ride from top placements to page 4 or worse.

The fragility of business.

Let’s say your ranking is still a healthy top 3 position in the organic search results. Digital agencies like Nuvo Creative are paid to KNOCK YOU OFF, inside 2 weeks with a variety of techniques. You see people will want the position you occupy and will pay SEO gurus whatever it takes to become the most visible in Google.

Where is all this going?

I know most of my customers have been to my website before they pick up the phone to initially enquire about the service. People are demanding better deals. More efficient suppliers. Less waste. More value for money. You could say that the internet is making us all more effective at delivering value for money. We can compare offerings instantly, and people offering value get the business.

Online Marketing in a post pandemic marketplace

Online Marketing Strategies have become paramount post pandemic (as at April 2020).

Your Mission: Be Found, Be Liked, Be the Expert and Make Great Offers.

Match message with market and make it compelling!

1. Be Found Online

We’re after visibility online. Being found is the number one imperative.

Viseo– our partner with search engine optimisation services includes content marketing, social media marketing, article writing, adding incoming links from credible websites and all the white hat techniques recommeded by Google experts.

2. Be liked Online

Get your audience to know you and like you is imperative two. That might include a well written profile, great professional photos, reviews and testimonials- videos are always best, or at least have photos and full names.

We’d help with a program of social media marketing with competitions, polls and like campaigns

Have this done for you, or receive a couple of coaching calls.

VERY IMPORTANT. Get reviews and testimonials from clients- directly submitted into your Google My Business Page.

3. Be The Expert

We want to offer useful information and be a source of advice and knowledge. Become the expert is imperative three.

Please note: For many businesses- being an expert is not possible or convenient. What we do suggest is amplifying the areas of your experience, knowledge and interest and to limit your profile to these specialisms, if possible.

NUVOtv. -we’ll interview you for Youtube and other video sites for your 15 minutes of fame.

Through our associations with speakers, networking groups, Toastmasters and other groups for presentation skills, we’ll help you refine and practice ‘on camera skills’, and record educational videos. See more with our Power Speaking Programs.

4. Make Irresistible Offers

We want regular offers, mixed with freebies. Great value offers that make sense in the context of your specialty niche and long term positioning. Imperative four is to sell to your tribe.

Direct Marketing Sales pages- Squeeze Pages and Nurture Programs. Learn about Funnels elsewhere on this website.

We’ll help develop a plan of promotions and offers to drip feed to your tribe, and grow the size of your list over time.

We’d suggest a new landing page for each new offer, with A/B split testing to determine the best ROI on these promotions.

In the end there’s a cost for each new client acquisition. It pays to compare the values from each strategy.

New Marketing Campaign

Do you need a hand to roll out your marketing campaign?

Overcoming Pain Points leverages Emotional Triggers

People follow other peoples recommendations

Great Reputations are Earned

Why People Buy

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There is a predictable way most of us behave. By understanding basic psychology, and using basic triggers for making people act, we can help you sell more in your bricks and mortar business, in your online store, or in face to face negotiations.

Robert Cialdini came up with these 6 points of influence:


People feel obliged to return a favour or consideration. For example, a waitress will give you some mints with the meal bill. You may be more include


People want something more if it is in limited supply. For example- a one time offer or one with a time limit has greater acceptance.


By having other people tell your prospects how good you are, you gain more credibility and authority.


Micro commitments pave the way for a bigger, yet consistent sale.


People prefer to say to people that they like. We tend to like people who are similar to us, people who pay us compliments, and people who cooperate with us.


The Herd Principle. People are more likely to behave a certain way if they’re made aware that most others have done so.

Dr Joseph Braysich came up with these 4 reasons people buy:


We act on recent information ahead of something from the past.


How often is your name in front of prospects? Remember the 90 day rule.


How strong is your impact? How do you engage the prospect’s emotions?


This one, especially on the initial sale, is crucially important. Recommendations create trust and save time.

Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

Pay for Performance- Affiliate Marketing

Is this sales channel for you?
Let’s help you build and start your own Affiliate Program. This will allow affiliates to advertise your business to increase sales at your website/business.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to have your products and services advertised using your own large ‘pay for performance’ online sales team (known as Affiliates).

This sales team can be hand selected to promote your products and services in return for commission payments based on the sales they make.

Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate programs are very effective low-cost internet advertising strategies.

Their strategic use can significantly boost your sales results, product branding and website traffic.

Biz Circle and Clique Marketing- The Profit Partnerships Strategy

BizCircle and Partnering for profit are strategies developed over the last 30 years with small businesses and referral arrangements between members. You may already be in a breakfast group or networking club. the differences between these groups and our members is the profit share for converted leads (advertising fee).
If you are living in Brisbane and owns a business there, Nuvo Creative can help you with your online marketing agenda. We have the best online marketing Brisbane experts who understand your business model, work for potential customers, and analyze the competitor’s traffic resources.

Use the Partnering For Profit to your advantage

Ask how you might benefit from affiliate and partner programs we promote.