Best Price Real Estate

The Challenge

Real Estate Website Design faces these challenges:

  1. Allowing for ease of upload to REA/ &/or and simultaneous upload to your own listings and other portals.
  2. Announcing unique realtor strengths and differences when on the face of it there are few.
  3. Arriving at a signature style and messaging for the firm that touches vendor hot buttons.
  4. Understanding the demographic and sociographic of suburbs serviced, and the messages to appeal to this market.


Our Solution

While a small start-up real estate brand, Best Price Real Estate has massive successes with sales and a real point of difference. Our approach is a simple storytelling exercise to present Scott Westwood in the best possible light.


  • Brand Creation
  • Custom Property Listing Software
  • Engagement Questionaire / Pop Up

Best Price Real Estate


Real Estate Website

Brand and Collateral Design

A Strong Visual Identity is a must for Real Estate.

Custom Property Listing Software

Presenting property is the best light.

Saleability Index

Preparing prospective vendors for those hard decisions.