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There is a predictable way most of us behave. By understanding basic psychology, and using basic triggers for making people act, we can help you sell more in your bricks and mortar business, in your online store, or in face to face negotiations.

Robert Cialdini came up with these 6 points of influence

Reciprocity- People feel obliged to return a favour or consideration. For example, a waitress will give you some mints with the meal bill. You may be more include

Scarcity- People want something more if it is in limited supply. For example- a one time offer or one with a time limit has greater acceptance.

Authority- By having other people tell your prospects how good you are, you gain more credibility and authority.

Consistency- Micro commitments pave the way for a bigger, yet consistent sale.

Liking- People prefer to say to people that they like. We tend to like people who are similar to us, people who pay us compliments, and people who cooperate with us.

Consensus- The Herd Principle. People are more likely to behave a certain way if they're made aware that most others have done so.


Dr Joseph Braysich came up with these 4 reasons people buy

Recency- We act on recent information ahead of something from the past.

Frequency- How often is your name in front of prospects? Remember the 90 day rule.

Potency- How strong is your impact? How do you engage the prospect's emotions?

Recommendation- This one, especially on the initial sale, is crucially important. Recommendations create trust and save time.

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