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Get the best laid plan in the history of your company

Using our licensed N-Vision™system of strategic planning we analyse how you deliver value to your customers in the context of the marketplace and your competitors. We'll creatively express your company's USP (unique selling proposition) or sustainable competitive advantage into a few sentences.

What will you be famous for? What are you best positioned to deliver over and above your competitors and will that be enough of an edge to drive sales your way? This positioning analysis groundwork enables us to create a promotional plan and marketing activities to directly impact decision makers.

We're searching for the difference that will make all of the difference in attracting new customers, quickly and repeatedly. This critical first step will arrive at recommendations for innovative structure, offers, revenue model and roll out plan.

We will:

  • We'll conduct the market research necessary to gain valuable information about your competitors, and your market.
  • Identify the specific propositions and messages made to each client group and how best to repackage this information for maximum effect.
  • Consider the offers, headlines and slogans most appropriate for your various markets.
  • We will then test these ideas, offers and the promotional ideas developed in focus group settings to ensure the plans will be met with the anticipated response. This will flush out attitudes that are driving the as to better determine a successful marketing campaign. Allowance for 2 focus groups of 7 industry personnel.
  • Identify possible JV partners and financial investors if required.
  • Create value added ideas to grow your business and a schedule of promotions for the coming year.
  • Includes Experience Design- Develop Raving Fans!

At Nuvo Creative we’ll sculpt a memorable and satisfying customer experience for your business. We will add life, energy and memorability to the user experience and create a WOW factor for you. This includes online marketing that’s nurturing, sustaining and a welcome voice in a sea of noise. In this increasingly competitive business world, you want people to choose you over your competitors. It’s all about having people say 'WOW' whenever they deal with you. As a result of this work, you'll sell more, more often, at a higher price.

Specifically- what the prospect/customer will encounter to make their experience more rewarding, and move everyone closer to a sale. Points of difference to create a nurturing sales experience, top of mind awareness and position of trust and authority in making the deal.
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