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Why Marketing needs to be your number one INVESTMENT.

Marketing is KING. Today 90% or more of a business is its marketing. Why do I say that? Because your business and your very survival in business is under constant threat. Competition is increasing. Traditional retail is under threat from online bargain sites. Traditional consultants are under threat from online consultants and offshore providers. Local manufacturing is practically uneconomic due to the increasing speed and sophistication of Asian alternatives.

There's a Wrecking Ball headed your way... thanks Miley.

If the first 20 years of the internet have taught us anything- it's to expect business disruption. Good bye 'business as usual'. We have witnessed the demise of several industries in these recent years. So plan ahead and develop your strategy for survival.

Being Attractive

The only thing differentiating you from these online competitors is Marketing. What’s your compelling story and 29 reasons to deal with you? Why should buyers trust you ahead of the rest. What compelling offers and guarantees can you create that will make or break your business in the months and years ahead.

Being Found

Let’s pretend clients can find you on line... to start with. Google has such a monopolistic grip on the fortunes of most business owners. You see they can make or break a business with their page ranking algorithm. This has and does change every month. For many businesses, the last year has seen their Google search results roller coaster ride from top placements to page 4 or worse.

The fragility of business.

Let’s say your ranking is still a healthy top 3 position in the organic search results. People like me are paid to KNOCK YOU OFF, inside 2 weeks with a variety of techniques. You see people will want the position you occupy and will pay SEO gurus whatever it takes to become the most visible in Google.

Where is all this going?

I know most of my customers have been to my website before they pick up the phone to initially enquire about the service. People are demanding better deals. More efficient suppliers. Less waste. More value for money. You could say that the internet is making us all more effective at delivering value for money. We can compare offerings instantly, and people offering value get the business.


If you’d like a hand with your own marketing roll out plan, contact Russel Nouveau on 0414 301 717 


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