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A Different Approach for a Customised Buyer Journey

People like to be sold to... the way they want to be sold to.

Our approach differs to other products out there. Marketing Automation from Nuvo Creative comes with the smarts to tailor nurture marketing to the individual you are talking to, their sense preference, and personality style. Are they a 'Driver' personality? Or in NLP terms are they visual? or Auditory? Do they like images in emails or face to face meetings?

Buyer Personality & Style

Buyers Journey from Nuvo Creative incorporates the OLD SCHOOL philosophy of giving clients what they like and want most. We take the time to identify styles and address their needs and preferences. We can give you the tools and training to do this yourself, or to some extent automate the profiling of prospects for you.

Priorities and Hot Buttons

For many clients the budget is the most important thing. For others it's quality or timing. Do you know what each of your clients is really in pursuit of? Use our tools to work this out, and to prepare a plan for each customer. Know what they're after, and their values is key to a successful sales outcome. Again we have tools to help you with that, and training to fine tune your perception of values and priorities.

Individual Plan of Outcomes, over time

Use our checklists to plan your desired outcomes based on their style and priorities. Often their personality style will determine how fast the sequence of offers and sales may occur. Some conservative types will go one step at a time. others will embrace a full package from day one. Many clients adopt the ascension model for sales and allow trust to be built over a series of small transactions. Adding value for each transaction is important in this process. Once trust is built, price becomes irrelevant.

Educational Gaps

Almost all prospects have a gap in their understanding that will run foul of your full deployment of product and service. Identifying these mind holes early will show you what education could be drip feed to a prospect over time. We arrange the educational drip feed via auto responders for different products and services they are interested in. We automate the dispatch of weekly tips or video lessons to bring prospects up to speed in areas required.

Trigger Points

Everyone has a timeline for purchase, and asking that question early is important. We assist you to determine early in the relationship with prospects certain triggers they will have for decisions on purchases. Certain milestones should be recorded like birthday's, perceived deadlines, end of financial year, review of competitor's contract, end of your sale period etc. That sort of time line trigger is worth noting. It may also be financial performance or sales, or some other business metric that is a trigger for their purchase. Knowing these triggers will help you to deliver the right information at the right time.

Marketing Assets

We all have multiple marketing pieces already. And some are better suited to certain prospects than others. With digital marketing assets we can go even further, personalising each piece to the customer's needs, preferences and even talk their lingo. In other words, we're expanding the marketing assets you have to suit the communication preferences of your customers on a personal basis. For example a landing page can be tailored to their industry and priorities, and their emailed invitation for a demonstration can address all their buying hot buttons.

Nuvo's approach to marketing assets is both digital and print. We've had great success with a combination of both electronic direct mail and lumpy direct mail. We find people really appreciate hand signed letters and thankyou cards received by traditional mail.

Involving Events

We've found that prospects respond positively when they're in action, performing an activity that you have arranged. Be it a demonstration, a survey, a free trial or inspection. These events can dramatically alter the timeline for purchase and affect the whole nurturing process- usually for the better. Events will trigger alterations to the sales plan, when they occur. It necessitates a reassessment of the best way forward from there. For example, the demonstration may have revealed hidden objections or preferences of the prospect (does it come in yellow?) and this will suggest some follow up activities, or a push to close with "would you like it in yellow".

Timeline Adjustments

Involving events and the growth of the prospect as an educated prospect may dramatically alter the preplanned timeline. Plus, once the prospect becomes a client, they are re-entering the sales journey for their next purchase or stage 2 of their investment with you. Timelines can be adjusted for all of the activities in the nurture process at any time. It's as easy as turning the dial- for faster or slower, or resetting it for phase 2.


Are you ready for Marketing Automation?

Right now we're after 11 more companies to trial the software and service. You'll enjoy low (cost recovery) pricing. You'll be part of our before and after video case studies. But most important of all, you’ll be nurturing your prospects the way they want to be treated.

 Call Russel on 0414 301 717 to discuss further.

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