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Many of these logos have lasted 10+ years already.


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Logos that endure

World Class Logo Design… by Brand Architects Nuvo Creative

We have a long and successful track record designing world class logos. Our first commercial design of a logo was for the Qld Law Society some 30 years ago, a logo they still use to this day.

Logos capture the essence of your service and the spirit of your company. Logos help people assign a personality and values to your business name. Over time these emblems become a seriously valuable part of your business.

Our approach to logo design is born of a need to define and express your Sustainable Competitive Advantage. What do you deliver over and above competitors? What will you be famous for? If your name, logo and slogan can capture this marketing advantage, then your branding design by Nuvo Creative has done a great job.

What is a logo?

Any distinguishing mark that consistently refers to a company or product or service.

Does a logo mean a symbol?

Not necessarily.

A logo may be:

  • A logotype alone
  • A logotype and symbol together forming one
  • A symbol alone

Logo Snippets Test

How many of these brands can you identify? If you can identify all 18 of these brands come work for us, as we like visually literate designers.

Logos are prominent on balance sheets of major companies.

What makes a great logo?

Your logo is an emblem for the public and stakeholders to hold in their mind, representing values, strengths and subtle associations to be made about your business.

So powerful and long lasting are these associations that it pays to give your company logo more than a brief analysis. It will either be working for you or against you, with implications for your bottom line and the future value of the business.

A great logo with a registered trademark becomes an asset to reside on your balance sheet. But more than that, it can evolve to the position of being a powerful sales aid, short cutting the communication hurdle when ever it is used. Positive outcomes/consumer impressions:

  • Assurance of professionalism
  • Implication of specialisation
  • Implication of competitive advantage such as modern streamlined delivery or support

Logos become the very tip of an iceberg of meaning. What we see is a small fraction of the real meanings and values communicated.

Logos come to represent the essence or DNA of a company through repeated impressions and experience the public and stakeholders have with your company.

As a brand architect I have been fascinated with the subtle interplay between the colour, and dynamic power of the logo and the personality of the brand that is built over time.

What we have learned is that perception is projection. What a business owner assumes of the logo meaning and associations becomes part of their personal self image. That self image helps determine the performance and direction of the company through the decisions of management.

New Logo or Complete Brand Makeover?

We'd love to assist with a brand makeover or logo update.
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