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How High Performance Websites can Boost your Business: Top 5 Insider Tips from Nuvo Creative

High performance websites set themselves apart from the pack by one thing: by being ultra-efficient in their purpose. Websites can be slow, clunky, chaotic, or provide poor user navigation—the best sites are free of these weaknesses, and more. Professional website designers at Nuvo Creative offer these insider tips in how to boost your website’s performance—and what you can expect in terms of an increase in business profits.  


1. High performance websites allow you to focus more on your long-term goals.

When you use an efficient content management system (CMS), building and managing your site’s pages become much more automated and efficient. A typical content management system allows the user to manage the site through a secure back-end login, and once the site’s owner has logged in, they can easily handle tasks from simple to complicated, such as storing the information collected on the site (such as inquiries from visitors made through a contact form), or managing its search engine optimization set-up. Professional website designers at Nuvo Creative choose the kind of content management system that is best for a business owner’s typical requirements. As there is no such thing as “one size fits all” in the website design business, there are nevertheless common denominators that any self-respecting website designer must know and must base their choice of a CMS to use. For example, depending on the site’s intention, a CMs should be flexible enough to allow future updates and improvements without forcing the designer to go back to scratch. A good CMS must also be fast, stable, efficient at processing even the most complicated of tasks, and should not unnecessarily consume too much processing power—the less power it uses, the better. Combining these qualities with the design a web developer has in mind is what takes the creation of a powerful website—once this is achieved, a business owner can then move beyond micro-management and toward planning the company’s long-term growth.


2. All the crucial actionable data at your fingertips: high performance websites make clever use of what are called application programming interface (API).

Don’t be intimidated by the technical term—think of API’s as your little assistants that allow you to do things that would be tedious if you’re asked to perform them yourself. Running a modern, highly interactive business website is much more than just uploading a few pages of HTML. These days there are many ways to engage the customer base—from social media to contact forms filled out by your site’s visitors—that it is highly important to act on such data in a timely manner. There are many kinds of APIs as there are many tasks that are needed to be automated, but essentially, their purpose is to make your website into a high-performing one. To illustrate, an API can be made to show you or your website’s visitors the number of your site’s Facebook “likes” or Twitter followers in real time. An API can also serve as a go-between when a potential customer fills out a contact form on your site or requests for a service quote. Website designers at Nuvo Creative are experts at integrating APIs into the websites they create—the integration is implemented as seamlessly as possible, without the user being consciously aware that they’re dealing with separate bits of interface. Simply put, the proper integration of the needed APIs into a website greatly expands the site’s range of capabilities and thereby significantly enhances the business owner’s power as well as the user’s experience.


3. Manage your current and future customers proactively.

Despite a content management system’s (CMS) awesomeness, even the best of them would not be enough to handle customer-related data efficiently. That’s why high performance websites make full use of another crucial component: a customer relationship management (CRM) system. CRM, like every other component mentioned here, can be seamlessly integrated in a website’s design, so much that you won’t tell whether or not it is built in the core system of the site. In fact, CRM systems are often third-party software that is available in a variety of brands, along with their diverse functionalities. But regardless of such brand differences, CRM’s main purpose is to help and efficiently manage a business owner’s interactions with their current and future customers through actionable items on the website’s interface, such as the gathering of contact information, leads, even sales opportunities. The effective usage of CRM is crucial for a business to forge connections with their customer base in a meaningful way, and this is done by providing a powerful interface to manage what could have been a mountain of disparate data. CRM makes diverse customer-related data comprehensible, and once it is easily understood, the business owner can then make crucial decisions that will, in the long run, help grow the business. 


4. Receive payments directly from customers.

As you’ve probably understood by now, high performance websites are such a powerhouse that they no longer serve as a mere online presence for the businesses they represent. Instead, they can serve as sales points themselves, which, in the hands of professional website designers such as those from Nuvo Creative, can literally turn your website into a cash cow. Accepting payment through your website is possible through the integration of a payment gateway, which is a piece of highly secure software that acts as an intermediary between your website (that accepts the customer’s payment) and the bank. While there are many payment gateway options today—there are literally hundreds—trust your professional website designer to choose what is best to integrate with your website. But usually, the choice is based on whether the payment gateway is compatible with your merchant account (the temporary holding bank), has a high reputation for trustworthiness and security, and whose transaction fees are comparable to that of other top payment gateways. The ability to accept direct payments through the website is a brilliant feature because, more often than not, it is so easy for customers to make impulse decisions when they’re buying on the internet—they see something they like, they only have to provide their credit card and voila! Craving sated. Impulse buying is such a raging phenomenon that it is now acknowledged as the driving force behind the massive growth of online retailers. 


5. Establish long-term relationship with customers.

There was a time when even marketers mistakenly believed that email marketing was dead. But that could not have been farther from the truth. As one leading marketing guru quipped, communicating with a customer via email is much more influential and powerful than any other marketing means. And high performance websites, as you’ve guessed, make it easy for customers or casual visitors to sign up—it is up to professional website designers to ensure a seamless integration of the email marketing platform with your website. Nuvo Creative’s team of designers boast of a long line of clients that now benefit from effective email marketing integration, whose usefulness is measured directly by looking at the sheer number of subscribers. Email marketing works with current customers and prospective ones—you can communicate with them in a personable, intimate, and engaging way about your company’s promotions, new services, discounted products, or any information that might benefit them. And the bottom line: it is cost-effective, easy to do, and can even be automated so you just sit back and relax and let your website do the business magic for you.


At Nuvo Creative- that's our focus. High Performance Websites that position you for profit. All of our websites are based on an architecture for growth- a mobile and professional platform with a superior Content Management System that is future proof. Built with all the functionality your visitors expect. Delivering interactivity and a user experience that encourages prospects to buy. We equip your website with opt in forms and automated nurture marketing to keep them in the loop for future purchases. Cal Russel Nouveau on 0414 301 717 for an estimate on a high performance website to suit your requirements.


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