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SMMile- Social Media Marketing

We have helped many customers market their goods and services through Facebook. We'd go so far as to say that Facebook, regardless of your opinion of it, delivers some amazing results and features for most businesses we work with. Apart from communication with customers, Facebook is an excellent avenue for informal surveys, competitions and show casing new products and specials.


We also have clients who've had remarkable success with Linked In- and marketing to groups within Linked In.


Pinterest is an exciting graphic way to publish images and charts, infographics and high value high end photos- if you have access to them.


Twitter is excellent for events, causes and gathering a groundswell of support for something new and newsy.


Social Media Marketing... SMM- managed for you! That's something to smile about

If you need assistance with any of your social media, we offer a service- on a retainer per month to manage these digital touchpoints- for your brand. We'll deliver a coherent and consistent voice that reflects the values of your business and personality of your brand.

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