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Don't you want Raving Fans?

Raving fans recommend you to anyone and everyone they know.

Raving fans do your marketing for you. They provide referrals, promote your business and keep the money coming in by being regular, high-value customers.

Some tips for developing raving fans:

1. Delight customers with your customer service

Go the extra mile with a guaranteed timeline, appointment times, constant communication, feedback mechanisms and check-ins.

2. Notice the little things

Clients love attention to their details and if you can remember their children's names, birthday, their interests- it goes a long way.

3. Give regular clients the inside look at new products

You can make customers feel special by giving them the first look at a new product. Invite them to a VIP prelaunch.

4. Reward them

A hand-penned note, a gift or set of samples. Delight clients with unexpected contact and thoughtfulness.

5. Be grateful

Customers like to know you value their business. Sometimes all it takes is a smile and a simple thank you. 

6. MUST DO- Remember your customer’s name

Remembering names is hard, but it’s a very powerful marketing tool.

7. Keep your brand promise every time

When you make a brand promise and deliver on it every time you create a strong brand.


Do you have some other ideas around Raving Fans? Please give us a call to discuss.

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