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Do you have a strategy for the sale of your business?

You need a business succession strategy planned for you in your circumstance.

Will family take over the reigns?

Will staff buy the business on agreed terms?

Will it be a trade sale?

Unfortunately roughly half of Australian business owners will leave their business involuntarily.

• What happens to your employees, suppliers and customers if you have a heart attack?
• What is your business worth the day after your heart attack?
• If your partner has the heart attack – who will you be in business with? (Who will inherit his or her shares – and voting rights?)
• Do you, your business partner or any other key person have irreplaceable skills, relationships or know how? If so – what happens if the heart attack takes those skills out of the business?




Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You.

Are you building an asset that has value and could fund your retirement, let you travel, or whatever you’re passionate about?

What makes a business saleable?

Most company owners probably don’t want to sell their business right now – but they want to know they could. Ask yourself if you have these things in place. If not call us to set up a meeting.

Management Team. Buyers ask, ‘What happens after you leave?’ You want to answer that question definitively by having a strong second-in-command who knows the business and is committed to carrying on over the long term.

Neutrality. You have to be neutral toward any one supplier, customer or employee – that is, you can’t be overly dependent on them. Make sure you have a diversified client base and that no one employee or supplier has the secret sauce.

Scalability. Your business looks a lot more attractive if you’re able to scale it. A hotel running at only 40% occupancy is the perfect example of an underutilized asset that has room to grow; software companies also typically scale easily without adding lots of employees.

Revenue Stream. You'll get more for your business with a consistent revenue stream from continuous supply agreements, or a subscription /membership model. 

Systems. Systemising your sales process and building a reliable sales funnel.

Protecting IP. Developing coveted intellectual property, such as trademarks, digital and physical assets, customer database, and patents or copyrights.

Engaged Team. Building and retaining a top-talent team because turnover is difficult and costly.


Nuvo Creative will assist in grooming your business for sale

Minimise potential loss of business value. Have us help you complete the key areas above.

We help position you for profit and maximum return on investment.



Nuvo Creative

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