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New Sales Channels

The enemy of business is one. One sales channel, one client, one niche.

Sales Channels are a way of bringing products or services to market so that they can be purchased by consumers. A sales channel is direct if it involves a business selling directly to its customers, or it can be indirect if an intermediary such as a reseller is involved in selling the product to customers.

Let's introduce you to several more sales channels, perhaps channels you've never considered.

1. Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces, which include platforms like eBay, Amazon and others, are often worth the effort. We have some clients selling as much through ebay as their regular webstore.

2. Distributors

Distributors are mainly wholesale businesses, interested to buy low and sell high. What you gain is scale.

3. Foreign Distributors

Do you want to penetrate overseas markets? A foreign counterpart or distributor can be your easiest way into that market.

4. Affiliate Sales

Affiliates are individuals or companies that sell goods on other businesses’ behalf. In exchange for their services, affiliates receive commissions on sales. 

5. Outsourced Sales

You can buy sales leads or contract bulk orders from others. Companies can choose to outsource a particular aspect of the sales process, such as lead nurturing or supporting a specific event or product launch. Not only is outsourcing expensive, but businesses tend to lack control when it comes to executing their sales strategies.

6. Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Most common in the tech industry, value-added resellers (VARs) purchase a company’s products, then alter or otherwise enhance them before reselling them to customers. A good example is a computer manufacturer, such as Apple or Dell, who each purchase processors from Intel in order to manufacture its respective computer.

7. Catalog

Considered old-fashioned by some business owners, catalogs are still an effective way to target certain markets for physical products.

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