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There is a future for small businesses... but only in collaboration with others.

The internet and globalisation are attacking small business profitability all over the world. If you're one of the lucky ones, your industry is stable or growing in spending. If not, there is a constant threat of margin erosion by global competitors, or syndicated locals with better buying power. Who can honestly say that profitability is as easy as it was 10 or 15 years ago? And if you're not online, you're in the bread line.

So what does the future hold for small business?

We think the future is about collaboration, buying smarter, selling as a team of businesses, organisation of small business for smarter marketing and referral.

More than Networking, different to a Co-Op.

Have you some business buddies you constantly refer business to? Are you in a networking group and send business to those members? Same idea, different impact.

Introducing Colabs

One of our Colab strategies is attracting and introducing a joint venture partner for your business. This might be a supplier or associated business, or can be a collection of businesses sharing a common buying persona. No it's not a co-op structure. It's a co-lab. Think of it this way: Network Marketing and Co-Ops have a child.... and the child is a Colab.

Learn more at a Colab Seminar soon. Learn more call Russel Nouveau.


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